The state of popular social media platforms!

  This info graphic shows how well our favorite social media platforms have raised since their launch. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter every platform is well described in the above image.

See What Instagram holds for you!

Well the above info graphic explains the vitality of Instagram. This photo centered platform has taken a place in everyone’s phone nowadays. Don’t believe me? look at the stats first!

Why Blogging is important for your business!

When it is about about marketing your business on Internet, content creation and search engine optimization is what that are always recommended. There are multiple reasons of having a blog section in your website and I can equate its importance to the mandatory email newsletter of a website. Just as your email newsletter gives you… Read More »

Importance of email subject lines: Marketers master guide!

Today everyone with an email id knows the pain of an overloaded Inbox and it takes only a few seconds for them to determine whether to open an email or not. And this decision is highly influenced by its subject line. Apparently, this fact can be really crucial for new businesses and for organizations that… Read More »

Content curation and Marketing

  This blog post is to highlight what effects a good content marketing strategy is having on the entire business market.  

The Excel Sheet Cheat Sheet to make you a Pro!

Excel had gone through several changes and it still continues to evolve, well its history says it all. And in this long history of MS Excel, there are only a few people who are confident that they have mastered the Excel magic. MS Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet application even after 20 years… Read More »