Concept of Single Sign-On Solution

The growing amount of web properties and applications that people need to access on daily results in the increase of usernames and passwords and also fatigue to maintain them. We all can not actually get rid of passwords however we have a solution if the websites you access belong to a single service provider or… Read More »

The Importance of Catchy Company Slogan

Company slogans hold great importance in marketing and also play a major role in getting business exposed among the right customers. Don’t confuse them with just an advertising ploy, instead slogans are a way to getting into your audience mind and staying there for years after years. We have brought for you here a short… Read More »

Top 10 Apps For Android Mobile

The world of smartphones is booming at a very fast rate. Today, there is an App for everything. If you want to book a movie ticket or planning for holidays, you can do it with your smartphone. Here are some mobile apps that makes your job easy.   Source:

7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing IDaaS Provider

The world is shifting its gear from offline to the online, so as our businesses. They are continuously growing their business presence across the globe. And all this happens at a very fast rate. I remember my childhood when I had to go far just to purchase my favorite choco candy. But now I can… Read More »

Classification Of Single Sign-On Technology

With each passing day, the number of online resources we are accessing is increasing. Memorizing usernames and passwords of each system is really a challenge for us. One of the solutions is the single sign-on solution or SSO. The solution allows users to access several accounts of the same business using one set of credentials.… Read More »

Security Breaches Trends!

Security is an important factor. Businesses are investing thousands of dollars in managing and keeping their data safe. In this article, I am going to mention an interesting infographic on security trends and growths. Source:

For Easy Web Access: Implement Single Sign-On Solution

It’s Tuesday morning. You just reached your office and started your computer. Now it’s time to open your day to day applications, emails, tasks and so on. As you go through your tasks you realized that you have to deal with dozens of online resources. You have to interact with lots of resources. Some of… Read More »

Web Designing Trends-2017

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Types of Single Sign-On

There is no doubt in that Single sign-on solution is a safe and protective alternative to the credential loss. It helps in connecting multiple accounts and domains of the same business together to offer seamless login experience to the users. Implementing the solution reduces the time spent by the user to login the multiple websites… Read More »