7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing IDaaS Provider

By | August 4, 2017


The world is shifting its gear from offline to the online, so as our businesses. They are continuously growing their business presence across the globe. And all this happens at a very fast rate.

I remember my childhood when I had to go far just to purchase my favorite choco candy. But now I can have it while laying on my bed. This tremendous change in technology leads businesses to know about customers to the advanced level.

If we talk about offline businesses, it is quite easy for them to know their customers. There is a direct interaction between customers and the businesses. So, it is easy for businesses to know the taste and flavours of each customer. But the scenario is totally different for online businesses.

They don’t know customers by face, they don’t know what are the things customers like and what not. All they know about their customers is their digital identities. Based on customers’ purchase history, they can guess customers needs and likes.

Here managing customers’ digital identities is must. A business can only deliver services and products better if they manage digital identities in a proper way and drive useful insights from them.

One of the tools which help businesses in managing customers digital identities is Identity as a service (IDaaS). Businesses can manage identities and provide reliable authentication to customers using IDaaS.

Since the customers’ digital database of businesses is growing at a huge rate, the IDaaS based cIAM is also in high demand. There are numbers of IDaaS service providers available in the market but you need to be very careful while selecting one for you.

If you are planning to hire a third-party IDaaS service provider for your business, you must know the answers to the following seven questions.

Q.1 Do they offer full identity capabilities and an end to end set of enterprise security including the following:

  • Cloud security
  • Identity administration
  • Access management
  • Data security
  • Directory services


Q.2 Do they integrate services with cloud-based systems?

Q.3 Do they offer advanced reporting and monitoring?

Q.4 Do they take responsibility for complete operational services?

Q.5 Do they provide capabilities as managed services?

Q.6 Can you use IDaaS platform with your infrastructure?

Q.7 Do they have a good support team?

So, friends, these are the 7 most important questions you need to know the answers if you make your decision to hire an IDaaS service provider.

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