Artificial Intelligence: Next edge for identity management!

By | August 22, 2016

Well, It is not wrong in saying that professionals in identity management have witnessed significant changes in this industry and this pace of changes is only increasing. In the past where identity and access management was all about to keep up with the growing need for access to workforce systems, today customer identity and access management has been totally changed and now it is critically important because businesses are increasingly engaging with customers across multiple apps and channels.

Even before we became familiar with customer identity management, internet of things (IoT) came into the scene to manage and connect human and digital identities. And it doesn’t stop here Just on the verge enters Artificial Intelligence which is considered as the next big thing in this technical market where cIAM plays an important role.

Female android using a futuristic interface

We have already noticed significant AI components in our lives such as Siri and it is continuously expanding its capabilities. As we have become so much dependent on apps, the not-so-distant future of AI is seeing its glowing influx by replacing these apps in a way that helps businesses to complete a wide range of tasks from stock trades to booking travels.

Out of all these futuristic ecosystem a very interesting question emerged out that is how authentication is going to be handled. Since many new authentication methods are there such as face recognition and bio-metric, we obviously don’t need passwords for authentication. But yes identity management platforms require more capabilities to handle these multiple forms of authentication. For future-proof identity management solutions, adaptive authentication can play an important role that is also capable of supporting AI use cases. If you are trading stocks the need of fail proof authentication is more urgent than when you are accessing music library. Hence identity management platforms need to understand the risks associated with each and every task you wish to perform and need to adjust accordingly.

May be many of these dynamics and requirements are already existed in current customer identity management platform but they will be emphasized further as we move rapidly into AI adoption.

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