Learn To Catch Good Customers Using Customer Profiling

By | March 8, 2017

Hey! What are the factors that make you decide who are your good customers and bad customers? With an appropriate approach, you can focus more on the former and less on the latter one.

If you are owning a business and your marketing strategies are influencing wrong customers to your business, it might be your bad luck. Your services, products, pricing, marketing, the way you describe your business etc. not only influences how many people contact you but also have an impact on the types of people contact you.  

If you want to attract the only right audience, you need an ideal customer profile.

Customer profiling is a way that helps businesses to know who are their real customers, their needs, what they want, and how they can mold their marketing policies (pricing and services) accordingly.

Customer profiling is a nice way to make more money with a less headache. The article will explain how you can build an effective customer profile, what information that you need to include and how it helps your business.

Understand your demographics

Before profiling your ideal customers, you need to know how your average customers look like. Focus on large group first then go to the individual customer. Study the patterns and try to understand who are they (not individually but by group).

Here are some points that you need to look at:

  • Age
  • Kind of service needed
  • Level of profit
  • Estimated revenue

The demographic helps you to classify the customer data in short groups. This is the first step towards building an effective customer profile.

Now, it’s time to profile customers.

Create a general profile

I am talking about creating a broad description of what actually customer’s need. Don’t add demographics at this moment, only try to understand customers need.

For an example, imagine that you are running an online bike servicing centers. Here are your two customers.

Juby: She is an engineer who enjoys riding bikes. She wants a service that will service her bike at her doorstep. She hates to visit service centers.

Jobin: He only wants his bike to get repaired. He can drag his bike to the service station at his own.

We see, there are two customers (Juby and Jobin). Both wanted to get their bike serviced. The job is same but in different ways. You have to change your services according to the needs of customers. Create your profiles by including the customers interests and requirements and remold your business accordingly.

Add demographics

Now that you are done with the requirements and general motivation of your customers, it’s time to add demographics that you have pulled earlier. Add demographic information to profiles that you created and use community census for accuracy.

Check out how your new customers are similar to the existing ones in terms of income, age and all the factors that I mentioned in the points you need for demographics.

Target your services using profiles

The above-mentioned steps help you to create interesting profiles of your customers based on interests, needs, and demographics. The next step is targeting customers.

The steps mentioned here is for all, whether you are bike service provider, goldsmith, carpenter or anyone, you can create a customer profile. Profiling customers gives deep insights about the customers.

Create your marketing campaigns according to the need of customers (their requirements, their budgets, etc.). If your marketing campaigns are right, you can target more relevant customers and influence the right people.

Customer profiling helps you to focus only on customers who will drive you profit, not the ones who only add numbers to your customer list.

So, start profiling your customers and gain some profit. All the best guys!

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