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The Importance of Catchy Company Slogan

Company slogans hold great importance in marketing and also play a major role in getting business exposed among the right customers. Don’t confuse them with just an advertising ploy, instead slogans are a way to getting into your audience mind and staying there for years after years. We have brought for you here a short… Read More »

Top 10 Apps For Android Mobile

The world of smartphones is booming at a very fast rate. Today, there is an App for everything. If you want to book a movie ticket or planning for holidays, you can do it with your smartphone. Here are some mobile apps that makes your job easy.   Source:

As businesses have gone online, so the methods of marketing. Marketers are focusing on finding more and more attractive and creative ways of promoting their business online and to reach out maximum users. Here is an interesting infographics that explain seven digital marketing trends that you need to follow as a marketer.   Source:

Content Marketing Pyramid-2017!

Content marketing is the new choice of marketers these days.  Posting fresh and unique content regularly is an important factor that helps in driving traffic.  Post worthy and interesting content. Check out the content pyramid for more. Source:

Content marketing trends

Content marketing is the new face of marketing. It is widely accepted nowadays by marketers.  Adding quality content is the key to driving visitors to the website. And driving users to the website increases the chances of more leads and sales. Source: