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Importance of Creating User Profile to Know Customers

Do you know each and every need of your customers? Yes, it is the most important question for for which you should have a positive answer. If your answer is no my friend, you are in trouble. You are simply giving an opportunity for your competitors to attract your customers. So, it is important for… Read More »

Identity management solutions: that’s what businesses are opting for.

Today the urge to manage identities has taken a leap from manually creating and holding identities to automating every process. Businesses know how important identities are and can be utilized for mutual benefit of both, businesses and customers. Identities holds the key to various possibilities, which can reveal deeper secrets of customers. Previously, with the… Read More »

Social media is ruling the world today. It is sure that users who are accessing the internet definitely have accounts on social media. Marketers are also using social media networks to run their marketing campaigns. Here is an interesting infographics for some facts. Resource:

Single Sign-On for Unified Customer View

Today relation between customer and brand is not just restricted to buy and pay transactions but moved much beyond that. Customers are expecting personalized experience from businesses. The importance of personalized experience is more for online businesses. Users want everything in a very easy way. In this scenario, the experience that users have online either… Read More »

3 innovative ways to create great customer insights!

Customer insights can be explain as the deep understanding of customer needs and it drives the customer behavior to a level that is far beyond customer’s expectations. And this understanding often comes from what our customers tell us but more broadly what we observe in our customers nature and their experiences while using the products… Read More »

Identity Access Management or Customer Identity and Access Management- Which One to Choose?

But how? How can you choose the one between identity access management and customer identity and access management? What makes you decide which one is the better? What are the reasons that make you pick the one among two? Well, there is no answer to the asked questions. It totally depends on the needs of… Read More »

What is important when collecting records of your customers?

Today everyone is well aware of the fact that customer data is the most essential root of any business on which your entire success depends. So if you are still not using a secure identity management platform which is dedicated to manage and maintain your huge customer base than I must say you are seriously… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence: Next edge for identity management!

Well, It is not wrong in saying that professionals in identity management have witnessed significant changes in this industry and this pace of changes is only increasing. In the past where identity and access management was all about to keep up with the growing need for access to workforce systems, today customer identity and access… Read More »