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Identity management solutions: that’s what businesses are opting for.

Today the urge to manage identities has taken a leap from manually creating and holding identities to automating every process. Businesses know how important identities are and can be utilized for mutual benefit of both, businesses and customers. Identities holds the key to various possibilities, which can reveal deeper secrets of customers. Previously, with the… Read More »

Identity Access Management or Customer Identity and Access Management- Which One to Choose?

But how? How can you choose the one between identity access management and customer identity and access management? What makes you decide which one is the better? What are the reasons that make you pick the one among two? Well, there is no answer to the asked questions. It totally depends on the needs of… Read More »

Major obstacles inhibiting a Single Customer View!!

The unbelievable growth of online Stores, social networks, mobiles and connected devices has created an avalanche of user identities. With the establishment of a wide variety of customer identities across multiple channels, enterprises are facing a large struggle to handle these rich data assets. In fact this is estimated also that around 80% of this… Read More »