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Single Sign-On for Unified Customer View

Today relation between customer and brand is not just restricted to buy and pay transactions but moved much beyond that. Customers are expecting personalized experience from businesses. The importance of personalized experience is more for online businesses. Users want everything in a very easy way. In this scenario, the experience that users have online either… Read More »

Identity Access Management or Customer Identity and Access Management- Which One to Choose?

But how? How can you choose the one between identity access management and customer identity and access management? What makes you decide which one is the better? What are the reasons that make you pick the one among two? Well, there is no answer to the asked questions. It totally depends on the needs of… Read More »

5 Tips to help market your business on Pinterest

While Pinterest is still a relatively new social media site, it has gained a rapid following with people using it in both personal and professional capacities. In its early days, membership was invite-only and users were mostly crafters and foodies who enjoyed pinning DIY inspiration or future recipes. Today, the variety of pinners is as… Read More »

LinkedIn : where the business begins!

Social networking tells everyone everything and that can be good or bad. If your track record for the last ten years displays professional accountability and is clearly presented in your LinkedIn profile that include recommendations, groups and even the opportunity to blog your skills, LinkedIn is a powerful place to be. Over 300 million use… Read More »

5 Qualities A Customer Identity Management Solution Must Have

Are you confused between opting the traditional identity management platform and the customer focused customer identity management platform? Well, if you analyze the market trends, it is obvious that you will be needed the latter one. But wait, there’s more to the story! Businesses for whom customer perspective is priority will give their vote to… Read More »