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Types of Single Sign-On

There is no doubt in that Single sign-on solution is a safe and protective alternative to the credential loss. It helps in connecting multiple accounts and domains of the same business together to offer seamless login experience to the users. Implementing the solution reduces the time spent by the user to login the multiple websites… Read More »

Single Sign-On for Unified Customer View

Today relation between customer and brand is not just restricted to buy and pay transactions but moved much beyond that. Customers are expecting personalized experience from businesses. The importance of personalized experience is more for online businesses. Users want everything in a very easy way. In this scenario, the experience that users have online either… Read More »

The Customer’s Satisfaction: Some Stats

Customer satisfaction is the main purpose in business. It is estimated that it costs five times as much to draw interest from unique and new customers as to retain an existing one. The relationship between the customer and the business is very important. Research says the following: A customer is 4 times more likely to… Read More »