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SEO for LinkedIn profile optimization!

Are you really getting most of your LinkedIn profile? Is it really getting you enough connections? If no, then you obviously are lacking somewhere. It may be your profile, your profile URL or your strategy to connect with others. Your LinkedIn profile is above everything. If you crave for maximum interactions then you surely need… Read More »

Social media is ruling the world today. It is sure that users who are accessing the internet definitely have accounts on social media. Marketers are also using social media networks to run their marketing campaigns. Here is an interesting infographics for some facts. Resource:

OTP Authentication: Doubling up Authentication to your site

Web security has become a concern for everyone using internet. Not only software industry, but also hardware industry has been affected by breaches and attempts. Hardware is like human body, software being the soul. Every industry has security checkups and safeguards for employees and customers. On employee level, they are authenticated using magnetic ID cards,… Read More »

Single Sign-On for Unified Customer View

Today relation between customer and brand is not just restricted to buy and pay transactions but moved much beyond that. Customers are expecting personalized experience from businesses. The importance of personalized experience is more for online businesses. Users want everything in a very easy way. In this scenario, the experience that users have online either… Read More »