For Easy Web Access: Implement Single Sign-On Solution

By | July 18, 2017

It’s Tuesday morning. You just reached your office and started your computer. Now it’s time to open your day to day applications, emails, tasks and so on. As you go through your tasks you realized that you have to deal with dozens of online resources. You have to interact with lots of resources. Some of them are installed on your system and many of them are managed by third-party vendors.

For most of the services that you need to access, you have to authenticate. You need to verify your identity, you need to tell apps who you are so that they permit you to access services belong to you.

To unlock your apps you require credentials. All the resources have the different set of passwords. At last, you end up with dozens of passwords and to remember them is itself a impossible thing. Remembering dozens of passwords is practically not possible. So, what do you do to keep your passwords live. You either note them down somewhere or you keep the same set of credentials for all of your private resources.

No matter, which is your approach from the mentioned above, both are unsafe and not suggested by the IT researchers.

One of the solutions is implementing a single sign-on solution or SSO. With SSO solution, the user can access all the services that are linked to identity providers- using one set of credentials (username and password).

The user can login to any of the service provided by the identity provider, the applications and resources the user is going to access will automatically log in after checked by the identity provider without the need of providing credentials again.

SSO makes the password management easier for IT administrators. They don’t have to manage multiple sets of credentials of the same user. This also reduces the support help desk cost.

In short, we can say that SSO solution not only eases the authentication process but also saves enterprises money. Lots of businesses with multiple websites have already implemented the solution. So, don’t delay and implement the solution as soon as possible and improves users experience.


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