Excel sheep tips to increase your productivity as an entrepreneur!

By | April 18, 2017



Everyone likes personalization and they customize things as per their demands to feel better, faster and smarter while using them. But most of us keep using the same things again and again and never pass that elementary level where we first kept our foot. It is a true fact for everything we use everyday such as MS Excel. Yes, there is no doubt that MS Excel is a part of our daily life but still there are so many things that we are not aware of and are so much easy to implement.

Let’s check out some of these easy to use and advanced Excel sheet tricks here!


Audit tool bar!


We often go mad in ensuring which row or column has the formula in it. Audit tool bar is the option that graphically traces your entire sheet to determine which cells have a mathematically formula in it. So save yourself from the embarrassment of some unavoidable errors in your spreadsheet.


Use Excel to quickly sum up the numbers!


Addition is what that is very common in any Mathematical equation. In Excel there is short trick to perform addition. Simply select the cells whose values you want to sum and press ALT plus +.


Change the default number of sheets on open from three!


Excel by default opens up 3 blank spreadsheets when you open a new workbook. But with some changes in settings you can change this number as per your demand. Go to Menu > tools > options > General tab and change the number of sheets in window from 3 to whatever you want.


Create and manipulate charts!


Creating charts in excel is the hallmark feature of MS Excel. Charts present your well formatted data in a visual form. And creating charts is really easy in Excel. Just select the range of the data and click on the Insert tab and select See all charts option there. Now pick a chart of your own choice and press OK to insert the chart in your spreadsheet.


Excel keyboard shortcut to select the unique values in a column!


Let’s say you are filling out a column with the status update of a certain task like completed or to be done. Type the status update in starting cells only and then Instead of typing the status update again and again, simply press ALT + Down arrow key. This will show a list of the unique values (i.e. completed and To be Done in our case) and from this list you can simply select what value you need to enter in that particular cell. So save yourself from a bit of typing.


Well a single post is not at all enough to cover up the big list of Excel tips and tricks. So just stick to these one only for now and let me know what’s your opinion for these tips.

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