Identity Access Management or Customer Identity and Access Management- Which One to Choose?

By | December 5, 2016

But how? How can you choose the one between identity access management and customer identity and access management? What makes you decide which one is the better? What are the reasons that make you pick the one among two? Well, there is no answer to the asked questions. It totally depends on the needs of an organization. The concept of both the system is same. Both help businesses to provide easy authentication approach to users and manage their digital identities. Let me explain both the system in detail.


Let’s start with Identity and Access Management(IAM):

Identity and access management is a framework that manages identities and also provides access to resources that belong to an organization. This is a basic introduction that simply defines IAM. The IAM framework is mainly related to employee based IAM systems and it is mainly used by organizations to manage identities of employees, not customers. Mainly IAM solution came into existence to manage identities of employees of an organization. But as the time passes the need of a framework is required that can manage customers identities too. The concept of managing customers identities is new. Slowly many businesses that were dealing with eIAM are shifting themselves to cIAM i.e customer identity and access management.

Now, what is customer identity and access management(cIAM):

cIAM platform manages the authentication of customers and manages their identities on the cloud. cIAM framework also falls under the umbrella of IAM platform. The basic difference between both is that cIAM frameworks is completely made for managing customers identities. So, security is the topmost priority for cIAM.

Basic difference between the two:

IAM platform is only applicable where there is limited number of identities to manage. But cIAM platform has no limit, it is scalable according to the demand. From the security point of view also, cIAM platform is better than IAM. But there are several areas where IAM is better than cIAM like managing IAM is less hectic than cIAM.

So, it is impossible to make a perception on which one is better out of the two platform. It totally depends on the number of identities that need to be managed by the organization.

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