Importance of email subject lines: Marketers master guide!

By | April 26, 2017

Today everyone with an email id knows the pain of an overloaded Inbox and it takes only a few seconds for them to determine whether to open an email or not. And this decision is highly influenced by its subject line. Apparently, this fact can be really crucial for new businesses and for organizations that rely on email marketing campaigns or some other digital strategies for promotional success. So if you do not want to clutter someone’s inbox, give some attention to draft a perfectly structured and catchy email subject line.

Well, on the wide internet you can find several guidelines that you can implement to enhance the subject lines of your emails. Although these tactics may vary but by incorporating these into your emails, you really can improve the outcomes you get from your email marketing efforts. Let’s have a look!



Keep it brief!

Your subject lines should be able to quickly grab the recipient’s attention. It has been seen that most of the email subject lines are written within the character limit of 41 to 50 characters and subject lines having 61- 70 characters are having the highest read rate that is 17%. So make your subject lines fit within the above character limits and keep your best foot forward.


Spur their interests!

Your email subject lines must be interesting and unique and it should relate to the interests of your audience. Don’t make over usage of words and cliches. Try to add something that is suitable enough to capture their attention and encourage them to open your email.


Offer some value!

The best subject lines are those that communicate to their audience with a promise to offer some value. In other words, your subject lines should be convincing enough that make a recipient feel like that the following email contains the information that will helpful for their lives.


Build Trust!

Faith is the priority of every brand since without trust there is no chance of business. Hence whatever information you deliver to your customers via an email should be consistent with the promise you make in your subject line.


Apart from all these main points, you should always be careful with the grammatical and spelling mistakes that can be present in your subject lines if not written carefully. So appreciate the importance of email subject lines and give some time to create a successful one.


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