Save Time With Web Single Sign-On Solution

If you ask me, what is the most precious thing for you, my answer will be “the time”. You can gain everything you lost except time. Once it passes, it never comes back unless you have a magical time machine. In short, time is very precious, and need to manage it wisely. Login to many… Read More »

Tips To Boost Your WP Website

The cyber attack is very common these days. Cyber criminals are everywhere and they are looking for easy web targets. Therefore, it is very important to implement some solutions that will protect your WordPress website from the attacks. Here is an interesting infographic on some suggestions or tips that will help you in protecting your… Read More »

Different SSO Protocols And Ways To Set Up

The term single sign-on solution or SSO solution is gaining attention from the last few years. It is becoming a new trend and has a huge range of implementation. The solution relieves users from the burden of dealing with numbers of credentials. With only one set of credentials, users can access multiple resources but of… Read More »

Latest SEO Trends-2017

The website is the face of online business. Therefore it is must to create a one that is attractive and its content must be optimized so that search engines like it. In order to achieve this, SEO plays a major role, but following all the SEO method is not fruitful. In this article, I am… Read More »

Improve Web Security With Identity Management Solution

In the form of a website, today almost every business has established their identity online. They are using websites to showcase either their services or products and help them to gain more leads and make profits. With advanced technology and automation tools, businesses can control their orders and sales etc. automatically. The website is the… Read More »

As businesses have gone online, so the methods of marketing. Marketers are focusing on finding more and more attractive and creative ways of promoting their business online and to reach out maximum users. Here is an interesting infographics that explain seven digital marketing trends that you need to follow as a marketer.   Source:

The state of popular social media platforms!

  This info graphic shows how well our favorite social media platforms have raised since their launch. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter every platform is well described in the above image.

See What Instagram holds for you!

Well the above info graphic explains the vitality of Instagram. This photo centered platform has taken a place in everyone’s phone nowadays. Don’t believe me? look at the stats first!