Content marketing trends

Content marketing is the new face of marketing. It is widely accepted nowadays by marketers.  Adding quality content is the key to driving visitors to the website. And driving users to the website increases the chances of more leads and sales. Source:

Learn To Catch Good Customers Using Customer Profiling

Hey! What are the factors that make you decide who are your good customers and bad customers? With an appropriate approach, you can focus more on the former and less on the latter one. If you are owning a business and your marketing strategies are influencing wrong customers to your business, it might be your… Read More »

What is Two-Factor Authentication and How Secure it is?

Do you ever use net banking? If your answer is yes then you know that to make any transaction you need to enter the OPT (one-time password) code that land on your mobile phone. Without that code, it is not possible for you to transfer money. This is a simple example of two-factor authentication. At… Read More »

How a dedicated Registration service is must for a business

Businesses today have many needs, which they either fulfil by adapting to technologies or by developing them at their own. It varies from business to business, what they adopt and what they keep old school. For online businesses, there are certain technologies which are must to include in their process so that their work process… Read More »

Tips and Hacks to become a Slack Pro!

Among a number of team communication tools available in the market, why Slack is the most preferred tool by people? Is it just an online chatting tool or is there something more to it? There are 16,000 daily active users on Slack since its launch in February 2014. Well obviously just a chat tool won’t… Read More »

Single Layer = Security Failure, Try Two-Factor Authentication!

If we go a few years back, a strong set of username and password was enough to safeguard our resources. But the same is not now. Hackers learned how to crack the combination of complex words( PASSWORD). Passwords that are most popular are the most insecure. The worst passwords of all the time are “password”’… Read More »

SEO for LinkedIn profile optimization!

Are you really getting most of your LinkedIn profile? Is it really getting you enough connections? If no, then you obviously are lacking somewhere. It may be your profile, your profile URL or your strategy to connect with others. Your LinkedIn profile is above everything. If you crave for maximum interactions then you surely need… Read More »

Importance of Creating User Profile to Know Customers

Do you know each and every need of your customers? Yes, it is the most important question for for which you should have a positive answer. If your answer is no my friend, you are in trouble. You are simply giving an opportunity for your competitors to attract your customers. So, it is important for… Read More »