Plugins not to uninstall in 2017 for Bloggers

By | December 21, 2016


This year is coming to an end , so does our hopes to achieve our target for 2016 and replan for 2017.  Certain bloggers might already have planned to make changes to their site, change their strategy and remove some unessential elements.

Plugins are also one of those elements which will be giving their ‘importance’ test. Plugins are many but there are few such plugins which are always needed for boosting traffic, adding features, improving user experience and many more.

Let us discuss some of these plugins which are essential for your website.

SEO plugin: Until and unless you have a site, SEO plugin is very much needed. It makes easy determining seo related modifications and implementing them. It has preset configurations which helps in determining the relevancy of content, meta tags and other on-page seo related checkpoints.

Onpage seo is very important for an website, so missing out on a SEO plugin will hamper website’s search engine visibility.

Social Share Plugin: Social share icons are for sharing website’s content on social media. Social media. Social media is one of the best platform to get exposure and generate leads from. Social share buttons helps cutting down visitor’s efforts of copying and pasting content on social media.

This helps in increasing user experience on website too.

Caching Plugin: Caching plugin is meant for enabling caching on an website. This plugin runs in background and has no visible changes on front end. It basically caches static part of website, which is generated dynamically and serves it to visitors.

It decreases connections made to database, hence increasing website load speed.

Generally there is no visual proof of a caching plugin installed in front end but users will definitely see change in speed of website.

Giving up on them is not a good idea as it may hamper website’s performance and reachability on web.

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