Protect Your Mail Account With Two-Factor Authentication

By | April 4, 2017

Do you know email is one of the most compromised applications on the internet? One of the main reasons of why emails are on top of the list of hackers is that all the online resources we use to access are directly or indirectly connected with our emails. It also links directly to all of your social media accounts. So, if hackers get success in hacking our email account, they can get access to our other resources as well. Thus protecting email account is very important.

What are you doing to protect your email account?

Well, I know you are using single-factor authentication (SFA) for this. Using a username and strong password protects your account up to a certain level. If we go a few years back, SFA was enough to keep the hackers away. But today, hackers have acquired new technical skills, they can hack your password (even the strongest one) using many techniques.

No password is safe from cyber attackers. A single layer of protection is an easy target for hackers. Cyber attacks are very common these days. So, we need an alternative of SFA that improves security and not give a single chance for hackers to hack our system.

What should you use?

This is an important question if no SFA than what? Two-factor authentication is a perfect solution here.


As the name says “two factor”, two different factors are needed to get authentication. The first factor is your regular username and password (SFA). And the second factor is mainly classified into three types.

  1. Something you own.
  2. Something you know.
  3. Something you are.

To complete the final authentication users have to pass through both the factors. Without completing the process it is not possible for them to login to a website or application. It is possible for hackers to get your SFA but it is almost impossible for them to get the second factor. This acts as an extra security layer that is impossible to crack. Therefore, it improves security and protects your email account from cyber criminals.

The 2FA is very popular among users nowadays. Google is also suggesting their users deploy the solution on their Gmail account. So, friends, implement the solution wherever it possible and keeps yourself protected from any attack.


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