Quick tips on Identity access management!

By | October 6, 2016

Identity and access management is a platform that is responsible of managing electronic identities of a business process. This platform can be used to begin, capture, record or manage the digital identities and access permissions of the individuals in an automated fashion. These identity management solutions are capable of providing centralized visibility and control. Now you must be wondering why there is a need of such centralized control of Access?

Well for organizations who have more than thousands of customers and employees under their guards, there is a need of a platform that can manage the access to information and applications scattered across several internal and external application systems. And today with the proliferation of cloud applications, these IAM solutions have now become a necessity. So let’s see how you can keep your data safe and secure with identity and access management solutions.


Educate your employees on password management:

Having same password for all your accounts is convenient but it is certainly a sure compromise on the security of your confidential information. Single loss or stolen of  any of your password can leave your organization subject to unauthorized access of data and can magnify the damage. That’s why having an identity management solution is a wise way here that automatically creates an unique password for every account to keep your data safe.

Get total visibility for audit and compliance:

Today’s digital IAM solutions increase your organization’s visibility into user interactions. With this complete visibility you can create an audit trail of all your user interactions with your web applications. This trail covers everything from login to logout and everything that encounters in between. With this you can analyze whether your users are adhering to any of your policy or if any more controls are needed.

Regular account audits:

All your accounts whether they are personal or shared with someone, a regular audit is required to check for any suspicious activity. And this everyday inspection is also a task of Identity management solution.

Add a layer of authentication:

You must have heard about the two way authentication thing before that send an unique verification code to user after the username and password have been entered. This additional layer protects someone from accessing your accounts.

Access Control:

Today companies like to have a control over what an employee or a group of employee can see and do within the application. With this powerful access management tool you can redact or mask data for someone. This also gives the liability of removing specific duties or functions such as export,share and download. So you can see by removing these high risk features you can increase security significantly.

Whoa, a hell lot of important things covered in one post! Drop your confusions or suggestions in the drop box below.

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