Save Time With Web Single Sign-On Solution

By | June 27, 2017

If you ask me, what is the most precious thing for you, my answer will be “the time”. You can gain everything you lost except time. Once it passes, it never comes back unless you have a magical time machine. In short, time is very precious, and need to manage it wisely.

Login to many websites and applications is a modern day need. And for this, users have to waste their lots of time. Okay, now I am going to ask you a question, how many online accounts do you have that you are accessing on the daily basis? You answer, may 4, 5 or more than 10. Honestly speaking, I have more than a dozen websites. For all of that, I have to deal with dozens of credentials. I have to enter the password of each website whenever I have to access a particular website.

We all are on the same boat, dozens of online resources and dozens of credentials. So, what is the alternative? How can you save users from the situation? One of the solutions is implementing web SSO solution.

I know, you are very excited to know what is it and how it saves time. How would you feel if I say you have to provide your username and password once and will be granted to avail services of multiple websites of the same business? Great, right?

Well, web SSO solution makes it happen. The solution maintains a centralized record of the users. Users get access to all the websites that fall under the solution by login to only one website for a particular session.

That means there is no need of creating new sets of credentials for each website. Users have to enter credentials only one time. This saves their time and effort. The solution also saves users from remembering multiple passwords.

The another method that saves users time while login to a website is social login. How great it would be if you can login to a website using your social media account. Social login is one such method. Users can login to a website using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest account.

Web single sign-on solution is on high-demand these days. Businesses with multiple websites are implementing the solution at an alarming rate. If you also have multiple websites, don’t waste your time and implement the solution and saves your users time.

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