Single Sign-On for Unified Customer View

By | December 29, 2016

Today relation between customer and brand is not just restricted to buy and pay transactions but moved much beyond that. Customers are expecting personalized experience from businesses. The importance of personalized experience is more for online businesses. Users want everything in a very easy way. In this scenario, the experience that users have online either makes or breaks your business. User experience is the most important factor in making your business successful. But it is not simple to provide good user experience. And in providing great user experience, data plays an important role. It is the other factor that affects sales. Most of the customers feel that they are not getting personalized experience. Businesses are failing in delivering unified customer experience because they are not able to understand their customers.

How single sign-on provides unified customer view?

unified customer view

Single sign-on solution improves user experience by allowing them to access all your business websites using only one set of credentials. It acts as a permeable layer between business and customer. The solution creates a single or centralized profile of a user that is the collection of all the information from different websites of yours. Most of us think that SSO solution is only for reducing the login friction but the concept does much more than this.

Suppose you have 4 websites for your business. But if users are logging in to each of them using different credentials then it would be very hard for you to know them. At the end you will be confused and your marketing team won’t be able to identify them and make customer centric policies. But if you have implemented single sign-on solution, then users don’t need to login to each websites using separate ID credentials, only one ID is enough. This help SSO to unified all the data and provides customer-centric data to businesses.

In short, we can say that single sign-on solution helps users to get easy web authentication and in return, it makes it easier for businesses to deliver unified user experience.

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