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Major obstacles inhibiting a Single Customer View!!

The unbelievable growth of online Stores, social networks, mobiles and connected devices has created an avalanche of user identities. With the establishment of a wide variety of customer identities across multiple channels, enterprises are facing a large struggle to handle these rich data assets. In fact this is estimated also that around 80% of this… Read More »

Quick tips on Identity access management!

Identity and access management is a platform that is responsible of managing electronic identities of a business process. This platform can be used to begin, capture, record or manage the digital identities and access permissions of the individuals in an automated fashion. These identity management solutions are capable of providing centralized visibility and control. Now… Read More »

Things to keep in mind while choosing a cloud identity management!

The digital world is getting so much cloud dependent that you can find a cloud integration in every area. Companies and investors are just sloshing funds into it to bring out more and more features and solutions. And these efforts have not gone in vain and brought out some very useful options for businesses like… Read More »

What is important when collecting records of your customers?

Today everyone is well aware of the fact that customer data is the most essential root of any business on which your entire success depends. So if you are still not using a secure identity management platform which is dedicated to manage and maintain your huge customer base than I must say you are seriously… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence: Next edge for identity management!

Well, It is not wrong in saying that professionals in identity management have witnessed significant changes in this industry and this pace of changes is only increasing. In the past where identity and access management was all about to keep up with the growing need for access to workforce systems, today customer identity and access… Read More »

Fundamentals for future identity and access management!

With the regular evolution of technology, we have already seen a number of drastic changes in this Identity and Access management paradigm. The rapid changes in cloud computing, mobile computing and social computing are the prime causes of these reconstructions in customer Identity management platform. In the past years the traditional identity management systems were… Read More »