The Excel Sheet Cheat Sheet to make you a Pro!

By | April 10, 2017

Excel had gone through several changes and it still continues to evolve, well its history says it all. And in this long history of MS Excel, there are only a few people who are confident that they have mastered the Excel magic. MS Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet application even after 20 years of its invention.

To deal with volumes of data, Excel is inevitable. Excel has several deep and sophisticated formula features that are capable of doing almost everything that you can possibly think of.

MS Excel

Excel is unbelievably good and there are many useful tips and tricks that can’t be overlooked.

Have a look at some of these amazing advanced excel tips!

Ctrl+Shift to select!

Forget your Mouse to select a long series of data. Simply press Ctrl+Shift and then hit either the down arrow or the up arrow to select your data sets. You can also combine the directions to select a whole set of rows and columns. And if you use ctrl+shift+end, the cursor will automatically jump to the extreme right end of the sheet and select everything in between.


Flash Fill!

This is newest feature in the latest version of Excel. With Flash Fill feature, Excel will recognize the pattern of the data that you inserted in the first cell and the upcoming cells will be default follow the same pattern. For example in the first cell you added a date like this: 24/3/2016. The upcoming cell will follow the same pattern to fill the dates in the cell.


Paste special Transpose!

So you’ve got bunch of rows and for a neater look you want them in columns or may be vice-versa. If you have to do it cell by cell then definitely you’ll go crazy. But Thank God Excel has a shortcut for this. Just select your data values that you want to transpose and instead of just Paste use Paste Special feature to transpose your rows into columns or columns into rows.


Hide data thoroughly!

When you want to hide certain values in your sheet but still want to use them in formulas, this Excel tip is a bliss. Just select the values you want to hide and select “Format cells option” by clicking right on the selected area. Or you can simply hit “Ctrl+1” to open your Format cells window. Here in this window, select custom and type “;;;” to hide the values from column.

So these are some of my favorite Excel tricks that can help you save much time if you are a daily practitioner of Excel. Share what shortcuts you use to simplify your data management.

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