Tips and Hacks to become a Slack Pro!

By | February 15, 2017

Among a number of team communication tools available in the market, why Slack is the most preferred tool by people? Is it just an online chatting tool or is there something more to it?

There are 16,000 daily active users on Slack since its launch in February 2014. Well obviously just a chat tool won’t gain this much popularity that too so quickly in the crowd of so many already existed. There must be something more to it that we probably are not aware of.

Slack is a real-time messaging platform that does more than just chatting. Its integration with several other apps like Twitter or DropBox makes it an ideal replacement for your email program. Its popularity is increasing day by day and soon “Slacking” will become as ubiquitous as the term “Googling” for the working world.

Here are some hidden Slack features of this cool work app that makes it stand out from the crowd. Just use them one by one:

Use /remind command to create your To-Do-List!

When you are using Slack, Slackbot is certainly your best friend. It lets you create your to-do-list. Just type in /remind @{person name} {work}{time} and it will set a reminder for that.

Use command /remind list to see your list of saved reminders.

Use GIF to express your emotions!

We all love GIFs. And because of the Giphy-Slack integration, you are able to send funny GIFs to your co-workers. After integrating Giphy, just type in /Giphy{emotion, word or phrase} and make use of this cool feature at your Slack channel.

Add notification to your specific keywords and phrases!

If you are participating in a major project of your company, you need to be notified each and every conversation related to it. In slack you can set notifications for some of your keyword phrases.

Just click on your name and go to “preferences” and select “Notifications” from there. Then scroll down to the “Highlight words” section and type in your specific keywords. Now whenever somewhere there is a mention of that keyword, you will get a notification for that.

So how do you find Slack- Amazing or Annoying? Share your views on this new chat cum work tool in the comment box below. 

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