Top reasons why Slack team communication is good for your business!

By | March 23, 2017

Do you slack? If not, then you should start doing right now especially when you have a big sphere of remote teams to manage. As your business continues to grow across nations, it becomes really cluttered to maintain team communications and to keep a track of all the emails in your inbox.

Sometimes it happens in a project development process, we just need a one liner message to update other person and an email for this is not a wise choice. Right?

The Slack Guide

Slack team communication tool is your solution here. It is a rock solid platform that keeps all the internal communication synchronized, transparent and organized. Slack combines the benefits of Skype, email, text messaging and file sharing.

How a company uses Slack!

Consider Slack as a television with different channels for movies, news, music and entertainment. Slack is also a group of channels that organizes discussions and messaging according to topic and department.

When a company uses slack, all the team members can interact and discuss business trends and market news via the general channel of Slack. Plus it also has separate channels for each individual team to discuss their progressive projects.

Here are some more points that prove Slack, a worth adopting productivity app. Just have a look!

All in one stop for your team communication!

As discussed above, the major problem with the team communication was the varied ways they use to interact. Before slack, It was very cumbersome to keep a track of all the skype chats, emails and other place which are used by teams to talk to each other. But with Slack, it has become really easy to manage as there are different segment in the form of channels for each departments to share the updates.

It provides integrations with the applications you already use!

The main objective to use Slack is its easy integration with a number of application you already be using in your company premises like github,Asana, Jira or even mailchimp. So you can see you can get direct updates from these platforms as well.

Easy file sharing!

Slack makes it really easy to share your big files with your entire team that too with a simple click. Plus, it also has DropBox integration for more in depth file access.

Accessible anywhere!

Slack has its own mobile app for both IOS and Android. So you can see when you are not available at office, you can be in touch with your colleagues by using slack on your smartphone. So download it and enjoy it.

Hence, these are some handful reasons that make Slack acceptance agreeable. So embrace this amazing tool for interactive team communication.


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