Two-Factor Authentication For Secure Authentication

By | March 29, 2017

With a rise in cyber attacks from last few years, it has become important to implement more secure solutions to protect online resources. Cyber attackers are very advance and they don’t miss a single chance to hack your private data. They are evolving continuously and becoming stronger at hacking by acquiring new techniques daily.

Passwords are one of the alternatives that we use to keep ourselves safe from attackers. But do you think in this advanced world of hacking, passwords alone are safe? The answer is definitely no. They are no longer strong to fight against phishing attacks.

Today, everything is connected to the internet, from chatting to professional business work. And the internet means, countless of opportunities for hackers to hack resources and digital data.

Hence, the need of strong and secure solution arises.


Two-factor authentication is one such remedy against cyber attacks. The solution has been in the business world for a while and gaining popularity at an alarming rate. Recently, Sony, one of the biggest company in the world of electronics announced to implement the solution in its PlayStations. It is the emerging trend in the cyber security domain.

So, what is it and what are its benefits?

Let’s explain the first part of the question. Two-factor authentication or 2FA, in short is a method of website authentication where users have to pass through two different factors to get the permission to access the service. Without that two factors, it is impossible to use the services.

The very first factor is the usual set of credentials which includes password and username. The second factor is of three types:

  • Something you have like your mobile phones or other similar devices.
  • Something you know like secrets passwords, answers to secret questions etc.
  • Something you are like biometrics (voice recognition, thumb impression etc.)

Generally, in this solution, a secret code (token) is sent on users registered mobile device that they are requested to enter to get the final authentication.

Now, what are the benefits and features of 2FA? The main and most important benefit of 2FA is that it avoids password compromise. The introduction of physical tokens (mobile devices) safeguards resources from cyber attacks. It is not hard for hackers to steal your passwords but it is almost impossible for them to have access to the physical token that only belongs to the user.

Many systems are using face recognition as the second factor. The combination of two factors (passwords and face recognition) is impossible to crack.
Two-factor authentication is definitely becoming an important solution when it comes to security. It is simply an upgraded and efficient version of single factor authentication.

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