Why Blogging is important for your business!

By | May 5, 2017

When it is about about marketing your business on Internet, content creation and search engine optimization is what that are always recommended. There are multiple reasons of having a blog section in your website and I can equate its importance to the mandatory email newsletter of a website. Just as your email newsletter gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with your visitors and prospects, a blog at your website gives you a new way to be in constant touch with your audience. So you can see blogging is important in today’s online marketing scenarios.


Now let’s see some of its benefits one by one!

It helps you get more traffic!

First let’s discuss the ways you get your current traffic!

  • Your frequent visitors type in your name in the Google search bar and reach you But the thing is they already know you and know what your products are. This doesn’t give you a hike in traffic.
  • The other way people use to get traffic is an illegal one. They buy a big email list, blast them and hope some people will open your emails and click your email through. But this is really an expensive and dodgy thing.
  • The third way to get traffic is to place tons of ads at the sites that has the potential to generate some traffic for you. This method of getting traffic is not illegal but it is really an expensive one.

So, what’s the ethical way of getting traffic?

Yes, Blogging and content distribution can get you this. It also helps you get an active social media presence. As with frequent updates on your blog page your social media manager won’t be in any shortage of fresh content.


It help you convert that traffic into leads!

So now when you have visitors coming to your website through your blog, you have a great opportunity to convert them into your valuable prospects. And all you need to do is to add a lead generating call to action at the every blog post you write.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t convert your 100% traffic into your clients but putting a call to action can increase this conversion patterns.


Hence there is no surprise of how the top SEO blogs like SearchEngineLand, neil patel and gotch SEO are earning. Blogging can do wonders and can help marketers if considered really seriously.

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